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GANG Engineering provides the technology and services which are most compatible and adaptable to any kind of iron ore used by client and still produce economically quality pellet for Blast furnace and DRI production with capacity as low as 0.15 MTPA with straight grate technology.

GANG Engineering have the capability to build your iron ore beneficiation and pellet plant with minimum capital cost.

Gang Engineering is the leader in the field of pellet plant in India by adding a new dimension: - We are the first consultant in the country to prove that we can have a straight grate technology pellet plant even with different varieties of iron ore as feed.

Gang Engineering have the courage to accept the challenge to develop a suitable technology for production of iron ore pellet using different grade of iron ore even when world leaders could not think of untill success of pellet plants built by Gang.

Gang Engineering have proven their Consistency by investing 6 long years for research and study to understand, developed suitable technology design to produce iron ore pellet using different grade of iron ore in the same plant and put successful pellet plants in operation.

Gang Engineering can deliver the project with minimum delivery schedule of from concept to commissioning of the entire project. Time saved is money saved.

Gang Engineering is committed to complete your project as we are equipped with every aspect of project work
Basic Engineering Detailed Engineering
Equipment & Vendor Development Supervision during Construction & Commissioning

Gang Engineering abide by highest level of ethics and business value in all aspects.