Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Studies

Gang Engineering carries out prefeasibility & feasibility studies for Iron Ore Beneficiation & Pellet Plant projects considering all the technical parameters, test results, facilities and economic viability for the project. A pre-defined plan for the entire project is prepared supported with quantified flow diagrams that give a detailed information regarding machineries, induration furnace design, raw materials, utilities, man power and financial overview.


Financing Assistance Services

As a consultant for the pelletisation project, Gang Engineering extends compassionate assistance for financing the project for clients where we identify sources and increase the quality of your applications & proposals. Also a financial model containing project cost, capital requirement, Term Loans, Preliminery & pre-operating expenses, Working Capital, Profit & Loss Statement, Projected Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statement, etc. can be prepared for analyzing the economic viability of the pellet project.


Basic & Detailed Engineering

Prior to the construction of an industrial plant, engineering studies are needed involving several engineering specialities like:
  •   Basic Engineering Design (BED)
    •     .  Conceptual process studies
    •     .  Preliminery basic design of induration furnace
    •                                                           .  Definition and sizing of major equipments
    •                                                           .  Process Flow Diagrams(PFDs), Equipment Specification and P&I Diagram(PID).
  •                                                         Detailed Engineering which stands on the Basic Engineering carried out earlier
    •                                                           .  Detailed Civil Foundation & Construction Drawing
    •                                                           .  Detailed Structural Drawings
    •                                                           .  Detailed individual technical Structure Drawings (Induration Furnace)
    •                                                           .  Detailed Ducting Drawings
    •                                                           .  Startup Procedures


Equipment Selection/Procurement

Selection of most appropriate equipments which suits the application and selection of the quality vendors plays a very important part for every project. Gang Engineering prepares a set of technical specifications for selection & procurement of all the major equipments of the pellet plant.


Project Management Services

Every project demands a team of experts to design, a team to execute the plan and an interim support to keep your projects on schedule and within budget. Possessed by experience of handling such projects Gang Engineering offers customized support to owners & managers for healthy and smooth construction of project where we take intensive care of schedule and pace at which the work is performed by simultaneous construction of different units.


Startup & Commissioning Assistance

The completion of construction & erection work immediately invites the commissioning activity which broadly verifies:
  •   The design intent is accomplished
  •   Assures that system operates as intended
  •   Validate system performance
  •   Train Operation staffs

Gang Engineering helps identify the probable lacunae and faults during commissioning if there exist any. We make sure the equipments are handled/operated carefully as given by the vendors. We also ensure that commissioning activities be performed in pre-defined order and definite fashion without exerting excessive stress on the machineries and plant components.